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I live and work in Cornwall. I worked from one of the Acme studios in Porthleven for 15 years but recently had to find another space as the building was to be refurbished as a hotel. I was lucky to find a studio space in Zennor in 2020. Zennor is charged with history, myths and folklore, the ancient walls partitioning the fields are some of the most ancient on the planet, Neolithic quoits and Menhirs dot the surrounding area.  It is also the home of Patrick Heron as well as, for a short time, DH Lawrence. The infamous Alistair Crowley’s cottage, with its sinister stories, is now a crumbling shack on the hill, forlorn, being reclaimed by nature. The 15th century St Senara’s church is right beside the barn in which I work, the mermaid carved on the side of the pew attracts visitors from near and far. It’s a great place to work and become sensitive to the legacy left by such a rich environment.

I originally come from Switzerland, the figure of the mountain often appear in my paintings.


I completed my degree in Falmouth in 1999.  In 2002, my work was shortlisted for the Hunting prize at the royal college. I have exhibited extensively in Cornwall, London and nationally. I regularly exhibited at the Cadogan gallery London and the Campden gallery

 In 2013, my work was selected for the Dark Rooms at CAST, Helston, Cornwall, celebrating the

launch of the new use for, at that time, the still dilapidated old school building.

 n 2013 I took part in Suspended Sentences at Turners’warehouse, Newlyn, Cornwall, an old fish warehouse which would soon become Newlyn Filmhouse.

 I was invited in 2014 to join the TAap artists collective to produce work for a residency in the Tate residency space (formerly Patrick Heron’s studio) at the Porthmeor studios in St Ives.

In 2015, Twice my work was selected to be screened on the large screen in Saatchi gallery London.

 In April 2016, I took part in a group exhibition On St Michael’s Way, at the 12-star gallery at the European centre for culture, London, celebrating the connection between the Saints’ way in Cornwall to the Saints’ ways in Europe which then went on to be shown at Tremenheere, Penzance, Cornwall. UK


In 2018 I was invited to exhibit We Want To Keep Dreaming as a solo show in the gallery at Tremenheere sculpture gardens. Cornwall. The signature painting of the exhibition We Want to Keep Dreaming was then shown at Let’s Talk About The Anthropocene at the University of Brighton. UK

In 2020 forest gold was shortlisted for the Wells Contemporary art prize UK and in 2021 The

Man Who Exchanged His Briefcase for a Fox was shortlisted for the discerning eye prize


For 125th anniversary exhibition of the Newlyn society of Artists, Lisa Wright selected The Insect collector and the Botanist, a show curated by Lisa Wright in Tremenheere scultpture park gallery, Penzance.


 I also have worked as a visiting lecturer in colleges and at the University college of Falmouth.  I am one of the mentors in Newlyn school of Art and tutor my own independent critical practice group for artists and graduates in Flushing near Falmouth.


In 2010 Nicolas Usherwood wrote Marie-Claire Hamon's quietly unassuming but intensely poetic work....based...very firmly, on feeling, a feeling which, in its always unmistakable sense of human presence and unseen activity, takes on a powerful, and in this particular context, a very brave sense of the contemporary moment also.

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